Our Mission

Poetiv is the very first platform designed to support the worldwide poetry community by providing a space to upload audio recordings of your poems (poets maintain all copyright) and respond to other poems with digital “snaps” - a nod to the tradition of this art form.

How It Started

It all began in 2017 when founder Eric Khrom (a poet and longtime audience member at the Nuyorican) felt inspired by the live spoken word events he was attending; wanting to revisit the experience, he wondered why he couldn’t access spoken word poems from his favorite poets on his phone. Eric designed Poetiv as a way for poets to connect after the live show and continue to share their art - and to encourage more poets to bring their art to new audiences. In 2018 Eric began working with award-winning poet, artist and GRAMMY nominated creative producer Jocelyn Arem to introduce Poetiv to the worldwide poetry community through innovative events, community collaborations and new media opportunities. 

Poetiv is launching in summer, 2018 - stay tuned for more details to come!