The $10,000 Contest FAQ


What is the prize?

The first place winner will receive $5,000 and an all-expenses-paid trip to the 2018 Individual World Poetry Slam in San Diego, CA, October 10-13, 2018. The second place winner will receive $3,000. And the third place winner will receive $2,000.

When is the contest deadline?

The winner will be determined on Thursday, September 30th (11:59pm EST) by the highest number of “snaps” recorded on the poet’s profile. Learn more about why we chose snapping as our method of appreciation for poems on Poetiv by clicking here!

How about copyright protection on poems I enter?

All poems are considered to be copyright-protected and all poets retain all rights to their work. (For more information on copyrights view A Practical View of Copyrights.)

Can I upload a recording of me reading someone else’s poem, ie a “cover” reading, or sample other poets’ work in my original piece?

No. Your submission cannot contain material that could violate intellectual property rights or that could be copyright infringement. Your submission also shouldn’t feature any poetry that you did not originally compose. Unfortunately, sampling falls under these categories. All content on Poetiv must be your own, original work. Don’t worry - all poets maintain copyright to their material (see above).

Are there any restrictions on the types of poems/performances I can submit?

We encourage free expression, regardless of viewpoint, but require that such expressions be respectful. In particular, you may not submit hate speech, spam or advertising, content that is abusive, defamatory, disrespectful, illegal, offensive or disparaging (whether on the basis of disability, ethnicity, gender, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, or otherwise). We reserve the right to remove content for any reason. You can find the complete rules in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Can I enter the contest with more than one poem?

Yup! Once creating a profile page, an individual poet may upload as many poems as they like. An individual poet may have several poems on the “Top 50 List.” The more you upload, the better your chances of winning! 

Can poets outside the U.S. participate?

Absolutely! Poetiv was created with the Worldwide Poetry Community in mind. Poets
around the world are invited to participate.

What are the judging criteria?

The winner will be chosen by popular vote based on the highest number of votes (ie “snaps”). Anyone with a profile on Poetiv can show their support for a poem by snapping (up to 100 snaps). Listeners might consider theme, voice and articulation, dramatic intensity, diction, and overall performance... or simply whatever resonates with and inspires you!

I’ve already recorded my poem. Can I upload it?

Yes, Poetiv allows users to either record their poem into the app as a new recording or upload an existing recording.

I have a contract with a publisher/agent/label. Can I enter the contest?

Yes, as long as your publisher/agent/label is okay with it!

Why don’t I see my submission on the “Top 50 List”?

Don’t panic! That just means you don't yet have enough snaps from your audience. Keep spreading the word for people to follow you and listen to your material!

Is Poetiv available for Android?

Not yet, but we’re busy building it! Poetiv is currently only available on iOS (iPhone). But sign up for our newsletter below and be the first to know when Poetiv becomes available for Android, along with other important news.